Month: January 2016

Making Sense of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines

Dietary Guidelines for 2015

They finally released the 2015 Dietary Guidelines and as expected they’re as politicized as ever.  Here’s a breakdown of what exactly the dietary guidelines are and what they should be. Read more…

Positive Mindset Quote: "In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision." Dalai Lama

Positive Mindset: How to enjoy the process.

A positive mindset is a powerful thing.  Anyone that has ever taken on a transformation can tell you that it is challenging and at times it can be difficult.  Having positive mindset can help you through those hard times. Read more…

Are you healthy enough for physical activity?

Are you healthy enough for physical activity?

How do you know if you are healthy enough physical activity?  While most people are healthy enough to start some form of physical activity you may need medical clearance.  As with many questions in the health field the answer is “it depends.” But to make this a little more simple we’ll cover how we answer “Are […] Read more…

Finding work-life balance can be tough. Set goals to find your balance that works for you.

Work Life Goals for the New Year

Work-life balance is so important to our mental, emotional, and physical health.  This post is not just for mom’s that work outside of the home.  The key to finding your balance is creating goals that will work for your specific situation. Read more…

Family time goals for the New Year.

Family Time Goals for the New Year

Family time is such an important part of many of our lives.  But when it comes to spending quality time with the ones we love, how much do we actually get to enjoy it and make it meaningful?  Making family time goals for the new year can help us determine what kind of experiences we […] Read more…

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