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Uprising Wellness

Uprising Wellness is a place to  overcome life through fitness, nutrition, & overall wellness.  A place to empower women to promote self-care & have healthier, happier families as a result.

Many of us have been taught:

  • To be disdainful of our own bodies.
  • To be smaller in every sense of the word.
  • That what other people want is what matters.
  • That what we want doesn’t matter.
  • That everything we do is supposed be for others.
  • That it’s selfish to take time for ourselves.
  • That we are supposed be a size (x).
  • That we are supposed look like (insert name of the latest hottest celeb).
  • That we are supposed to be perfect in every way.
  • That we are supposed to eat like birds to stay thin.
  • That we are supposed to do a gagillion (actual measurement) hours of cardio.
  • That if we don’t fit someone else’s expectations we should be ashamed of ourselves.
  • And that we should punish ourselves by eating less and moving more!

Does reading it that way make you angry at society for the lessons we’ve been taught?

Good, you should be.  Because here’s a secret for you:

There’s a better way.

I don’t want my daughters to ever think that they’re not good enough.

I don’t want you to ever feel that way either.

Guess what?

You deserve it.  You deserve:

  • To love yourself.
  • To love your body.
  • To be loved for the amazing person you are.
  • To know that you can do anything you put your mind to.
  • To not kill yourself to fit into someone else’s ideal.
  • To know your amazing potential.
  • To understand how your body works from the inside out, and vice versa.
  • To marvel at all that your body is capable of doing.

Let’s be honest, changing long time, really ingrained habits is hard.  It takes time.  It also takes patience with yourself and others.

But we can do this.  I’m here to help you.

So why Uprising Wellness?

Well I was trying to come up with something that was against mainstream media messages that say ‘Hey play with this (ridiculous exercise contraption, ever seen the shake weight or that wave blade thingy) and lose a bazillion pounds over night.’

Or, ‘Hey, pop this Little Blue Pill (oh ignore that Red pill, that one leads to reality and it’s scary) and you can look like a supermodel in 3 days.  Oh, those heart palpitations, yeah those are totally normal, you’ll be fine.’  (Random Matrix reference, hey it worked.)

Anywho…so, an uprising is a revolt against the system.  But, it also has a second definition: to ascend; to get better.  And Eureka!  I found it, exactly the message I wanted.

As for wellness, well that one is actually pretty simple.  See fitness and nutrition are really just two parts of a larger puzzle.  In this life it really doesn’t matter if you’re fat or thin.  (It really doesn’t, I can show you studies that being overweight gives a longer life.)

What really matters is your overall well-being, also known as, dah-dada-duh….wellness.

This includes your fitness and nutrition (I dislike the word diet), as well as your mental, emotional, and physical health.  It’s all intertwined and if you start neglecting one thing the whole system suffers.

Okay so this getting a little long, but I wanted you to really understand what Uprising Wellness is all about.

Now, I want you to make yourself at home.

You can go exploring with the menus up above or the categories on the right.

We can even visit, just use the Contact Me or the Get Social pages.  I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Anyways, now a little about me:

Hi I'm Jesi Allen

My name is Jessica Allen, but you can call me Jesi.

I can tell you that I’ve been there and done that.  I’m a mom of 3 so I have definitely had my ups and downs in the weight department.  Like seriously, all over the place.  I’ve been anywhere from 118-226, I’m 5’7″.  So I’ve bounced around a lot.

I can tell you that I despise traditional cardio.  Holy boredom, Batman!  I love lifting and high intensity interval training.  But I also know that is a personal preference.

I’ve struggled with self-confidence and depression.  I’ve learned to be more realistic-optimist than realistic-pessimist.  (I promise that’s actually a thing.)

I’ve definitely had an off again, on again relationship with food.  I’ve never had a true defined eating disorder.  Although, I totally have food texture issues.  I’ve had more of a take it or leave it apathy to strict eating to eat whatever I feel like kind of attitude towards eating.

At this point it my eating tends toward healthier, more natural and less processed fare.  There are no good or bad foods, but I look at what my body gets out of them.  (Even if it’s just a craving, moderation is key.)

Alright, so I really have been all over the place with all things wellness, but that’s all the personal stuff for now.

What makes me different from a thousand other self proclaimed internet wellness coaches out there?

Well, I have a Bachelor’s in Health and Wellness.  This literally covered everything, including some complimentary and alternative medicine that you could raise an eyebrow to.  (Literally, coolest thing I’ve ever seen, an elbow surgery where the doctor was sawing the bone and the patient was wide awake having a convo with the hypnotherapist. Amazing!)

I also have a Master’s in Exercise Science.  I felt my BS was a little too broad.  Originally, I was thinking about a doctorate in physical therapy, but was turned off after dealing with the medical system through someone close to me.  I want to be able to help people without all that damn red tape thank you very much.

Anyway, I’ve also had numerous nutrition classes and am working on a certification for that right now.  And taking my American College of Sports Medicine Test soon.

But, I am also a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach.  And I spent the last semester of grad school being called Coach by about 200 male and female local high school students.  Working with both athletes and non-athletes was a blast.

I know that I have the knowledge, the dedication, and the drive to make a difference in this world.  We have a lot of work to do to combat the messages being sent to our daughters (and sons) by the mainstream media and society as a whole.

Are you with me?  Let’s do this!