Finding Joy in the Little Moments- Pic of small pink flowers.

Finding Joy in the Little Moments

Life is made up of little moments.  Often we get in a rut and forget to take notice of the little things.  Finding joy in the little moments can make a larger impact in our emotional health and our view of the world. In light of the state of the world today, with the recent […] Read more…

Weight: Does it really matter?

Weight: Does it really matter?

When it comes to fitness and nutrition information most women are looking for information on weight loss.  But what is weight?  And does weight really matter? Photo Source The Science of Weight Weight is often a sensitive matter, but it shouldn’t be.  It’s merely a measurement of force produced based on the earth’s gravitation pull […] Read more…

Banana Bread Muffins

Banana Bread Muffins – Vegan

Take a minute to close your eyes and remember what fresh banana bread smells like as it comes out of the oven, mmmm….. Hopefully, your eyes are back open to read this.  This is a fantastic banana bread muffin recipe that’s vegan and quite literally a dump and bake recipe.  All you need is a […] Read more…

Know when not to push- Keep Calm and Let Go

Know When Not to Push

There are lots of things that kids don’t have control over; however, they do have control over their own bodies.  Knowing when to push your kids and when not to can be essential to teaching them autonomy and limit push back. Read more…

There are many ways to make assessments.

Simple Assessments for Transformation

What are the best assessments to use when tracking transformation progress?  Well as with many answers in the health and fitness realm, the answer is it depends.  We’ll have to dive in a little deeper to goals and personality to figure out the best assessments for you personally. Read more…

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