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Do you struggle with writing goals?

Maybe you don’t know what to write or maybe you struggle with how to write goals.

It’s not uncommon at to see goals simply as a bulleted list of vague wants.

And guess what? Those types of goals are so fleeting that they fly away as if the were written in the shifting sands of time.

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If you’ve ever seen the lists of most common New Year’s resolutions then you know exactly the type of goals I mean.

Goals like get healthier, live a more active lifestyle, and lose weight. What the F*ck do those even mean? Your definition and mine may differ in a lot of ways.

There is a better way to write goals. And I’m going to show you how.

Are you ready to start developing better goals?

Why set SMART goals?

Before I show you how to set smart goals, you may be wondering why are goals even important?

Research has shown that having clear, actionable goals can be a motivational factor for achieving the end result that we truly desire.

So by writing a goal to lose weight, well that’s not very actionable or motivational. But by writing a goal of wanting to lose weight so that you can fit a specific item of clothing, now we’re getting somewhere.

And now it’s time to teach you to set smart goals, so that you can get the results you desire.

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There is a formula to set SMART goals.

The formula that I am about to show you has actually been around since 1981. It was created by George T. Doran for use in business.

Since then it has been adapted, and even added to, in order to fit goal setting needs in many aspects of our lives.

It’s time to set SMART goals start overcoming life.

S is for Specific

Without setting specific goals you'll never know when you've accomplished them.

As I told you above, vague goals aren’t helpful and won’t keep you motivated to reach your goal.

Instead, you’ve got to be specific.

Say that you want to be able to fit into a specific dress. Would you write a goal that says that you want to lose weight or would you say I want to be able wear this fabulous dress?

Having that specific target will help motivate you to keep going.

M is for Measurable

Create measurable goals so that you can track your progress and know when you may have veered off the path.

Just saying that your goal is to wear a specific dress is still not enough though. Your goal also needs to be measurable.

Could you wear that fabulous dress right now? Probably, as long as it’s in your size.

But what if it’s not or you want to get it in a smaller size?

Well, now you get to add measurable to your goal.

So your goal could be to lose 2 sizes in order to wear that fabulous dress. Viola!

A is for Actionable

What we do defines us. No I'm not referring to your work, but your priorities in life. Make sure yours fit.

What steps are going to be needed to get into that dress?

These are your actionable steps.

You could exercise and dial in your nutrition in order to lose the 2 sizes needed to wear that fabulous dress.

See this really isn’t that hard.

R is for Realistic

Choose a realistic path for your goals. Find out how.

This step is crucial. And it just so happens to be the step that most women get hung up on.

You see, advertising and media want you to think there’s some magic pill out there that can have you dropping dress sizes left and right.

But you and I both know that’s a bunch of hoopla.

I want you to answer this question first, are you ready and willing to make the changes necessary in order to fit into that fabulous dress?

If not, then your goal isn’t realistic.

And this will tie into your timely section of your goal as well.

T is for Timely

Accomplishing goals becomes much easier with a realistic time frame. Find out how.

The timely part of your goal means that it’s both time-bound and that you are giving yourself enough time to accomplish it. Cause there’s not enough time you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

If you’re trying to lose 2 dress sizes for that fabulous dress in a week you’re done for. Not gonna happen. Sorry, I know it sucks, but that means your goal isn’t realistic or timely.

Now if you’re wanting to lose those same 2 sizes and wear that fabulous dress for a party in two month we’re golden.

Get SMART about your goals now and start overcoming life.

Now you can set your own SMART goals too.

Now you know that to get SMART about your goals they need to be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Actionable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

And for your example: You want to use fitness and nutrition in order to lose 2 sizes so that you can wear a fabulous dress to a party in two months.

Obviously, you’ll have your own SMART goals and I just used this as an example because I’m going to build on it in the next post.

Or you could just get your free Quick Start Course that goes through all the steps in SMARTYPANTS goals and more.

Are you using SMART goals? Tell me about your current goals and any struggles you’re facing in creating SMART goals below.