Continuing along with the New Year’s Resolution series it’s time to discuss nutrition goals for the New Year.

Nutrition Goals for the New Year Photo source: Natalie Maynor

It’s important to note that good nutrition means many different things to different people.  The vary basics of good nutrition though are variety, balance, and fueling our bodies in a healthy way.

No matter what type of nutrition plan you follow there are a few commonalities that need adjustment from time to time.  Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low fat, low carb, or flexitarian we all need to:

  • Have moderate to high protein intake.
  • Have proper hydration.
  • Variety to maximize micronutrient intake.
  • High fiber intake.
  • Decrease refined carbohydrates.

Let me just say that there are no “bad” versus “good” foods.  They’re just different.  An apple will have way less calories than a slice of dutch apple pie, but the pie tastes good, and sometimes we just want it.

The goal of improving nutrition is not about deprivation.  It’s about giving our bodies what it needs to function optimally.  And psychology plays a role too, so maybe most of the time you say yes to the apple, but sometimes say yes to the pie.  That’s perfectly okay!

Now as for setting nutrition goals remember that it’s important to be specific so saying that you want to increase hydration, protein, and vegetable consumption is too vague.  Make specific nutrition goals by setting numbers to these goals, for example:

  • I will drink X ounces of water per day (divide you body weight in half, but increase if you sweat a lot during the day, in hot humid environment, or workout).
  • I will eat X grams of protein per day (1.2-1.5 gram per kg of body weight works here for those that are training).
  • I will eat five servings of different colored vegetables per day (variety and specifics, bonus increased fiber too).

Other types of nutrition goals can include things that affect the quality of our food.  Like cooking at home, packing lunches, using less prepared foods, etc.

For myself my nutrition goal this year are to:

  • Meal plan better, but be flexible too (I never really know how much of what the kids will eat.)
  • Cook at home 90% of the time.   (I don’t always have control of this when other people bring stuff home.)
  • Go meatless two dinners per week.
  • Eat 100 g or protein per day.
  • Drink 96 oz of water per day.
  • Actually remember to take my multivitamin and fish oil each day.

As you can see it’s nothing too extreme.  And it’s important to remember that that you may not always hit your number goals right on, but it’s really about the average here.

Nutrition goals don’t have to be hard and intimidating.  In fact they really shouldn’t be.

This is about changing long term habits, not going on some crazy diet where you want to kill everyone 3 days in.

Take it slow with baby steps.  Start with one small change and work your way up.  You can do this!

Are their any nutrition goals that you’re taking on this year?  Tell me about them below.

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